Wildfires are an unfortunately common occurrence – more so in heavily wooded areas. They can destroy lives and ruin homes – and not just for humans, either.

Though the human cost is dear, wildfires cause a considerable amount of damage to animal habitats as well.

Last year, a 7000-acre fire broke out in a community near Arizona. As firefighters were battling the blaze, they found an unexpected survivor.


This donkey, who escaped from the burning forest, saw the firefighters attempting to subdue the flames and decided to stay close to them. The donkey, it seems, recognized that the firefighters were there to help and decided they would be safe with them.

The firefighters gave their new friend a quick hose down to help relieve their singes and cool them down.

The firefighters then took a picture with the donkey and shared it on Twitter.


Though many animal lives were claimed in the fire, rescuers say that the donkey really boosted their spirits.