The Flare: The Warming Shirt That Charges Your Phone

Are you always cold when you’re outside? The Flare Warming Shirt is perfect for you! They’re designed to warm you when you need heat, but it won’t overheat you.


It looks like a regular stylish shirt, but it’s embedded with warming technology that can keep you warm while you look cool. The shirt integrates lightweight battery powered carbon heating technology—you’ll stay warm where you need it most.


The shirt draws minimal power as it heats you, and the carbon fibers are non-corrosive for a long-lasting build. You can even throw it in the washing machine to keep it clean! The power button’s on the left side, away from accidental bumps.


It has three warmth settings: high, medium, and low. High lasts for two hours, medium lasts for three and a half hours, and low lasts for five hours. With the press of a button, the shirt’s temperature changes.


Plus, you can use the power bank to charge your phone when you aren’t heating the shirt.


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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The Flare Warming Shirt
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