It is uneasy being a young person. For all that ‘my generation this’ and ‘this generation that’ – this day and age finds young men and women facing the challenges of being perpetually connected across emails and txts day by day, hour-to-hour. While true not all messages are of critical importance – ‘slept in lol! what’s up bro?’ – being so busy often means young people relish any moment free to catch up on what’s happening on Facebook or with their friends on Instagram. Yet, phone use at the wrong time is not just dangerous – but deadly.

This is critical and the essential takeaway behind this video. As opposed to looking to condemn or criticize without context, this clip seeks to show drivers with real-world examples just how impossible it is to safely drive while using your phone. This experiment is done under the safety of a licensed instructor on a closed road – but illustrates so very well just how fatal a mistake could be made if done in a real-world scenario. A confronting but important video to watch to show well why phone use need be done when your car is parked and engine off.