Few folks love a smarty pants. There’s always some kid at school or some dude in college that’s just a wee bit too talented at pulling off a mimic of impersonation; one that goes too far. ‘Yes OK Greg we get it, Mr. Sandford sounds like a lawn mower when he sneezes, can I get back to my FINAL EXAM now?’ Greg is one thing; an Octopus another. Thats right, you read that correct: a beast of the sea has the chops for impersonating something else. We pick up this vid with the Indonesian Mimic Octopus leisurely making his way out from a rock crevice and into full view of the camera (well aware his apparent star-power means he need not rush his entrance).

What it does after though is truly impressive. Taking on the characteristics of a variety of other sea creatures in their movements and mannerisms, this octopus is able to navigate an array of risky encounters so well James Bond would be impressed by his boldness. Here now an outstanding video for those who wish to learn just a little about the rich diversity of life under the sea; or to suss out whether that goldfish you got is legit a Nemo or in fact a cheeky (smarty pants) octopus.