This group of Australians decided to quit their day jobs and take a road trip. They moved to Canada, and bought a 1986 school bus. They spent three months tearing it apart and rebuilding it, then went on the most epic road trip.

Family Photo In Utah With The Completed Bus

Before Shot

Potential Layouts For The Inside

Picking Up Supplies

At The Dump
They dumped about 500kg worth of chairs, interior panelling, and other debris.

Sanding And Removing The Roof

Adding Insulation

Installing The Plywood Roof

Positioning The Couches

Painting The Rear Wall With Chalkboard Paint

Sliding Blinds System Installed

Laying The Floor

Bunk Beds Going In

LED Lighting Installed

Countertops In Place

Cutting The Holes For Fridge Vents

Couches Completed

Sink Installed

Electrical Box

Cacti Pets, Keith and Warren

Interior Almost Complete

Doors And Drawers In Place

The Bus Gets A Bath

The Bus Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Ready For The Road!