ThinOptics Reading Glasses: The Lightweight Glasses That Can Go Anywhere

Are you always losing your reading glasses? The ThinOptics Reading Glasses are perfect for you! They’re designed to go with you everywhere without weighing you down.


These thin glasses can fit anywhere—they’re as thin as two credit cards and can fit on the back of your phone, in your wallet, in your purse, or in your pants pocket! They’re a compact solution for the reader in your life.


They may be thin, but they’re perfectly comfortable on your face—just like traditional reading glasses. The glasses have patented Flex-Fit technology—they have a flexible titanium alloy bridge integrated with suspension nosepads for a universal fit.


The universal pod can attach to a phone case or any hard surface for easy access whenever and wherever you are! The lenses are made with optical-grade polycarbonate, the same material used to make prescription glasses.


You can also personalize your look with keychains and cases!


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