Imgur user buckeyeguy89 found the Qlocktwo online and thought it would make a fabulous wedding gift for his brother and sister-in-law. Qlocktwo clocks generally retail for $1500.00. Finding that price beyond his means, he decided to create his own Qlocktwo for far less. The one he builds even wishes them a happy birthday every year!

The Completed Clock

The View From Behind

Side View

Glowing Happy Birthday

Prototype Building Begins

Designing The Front Panel

Making Space For The LED Lights

LEDs Being Installed

The Soldering Begins

The Road Map

One Down, Three More To Go

Circuitry Is Mounted Onto A Piece Of Polycarbonate

Planning Out Connections On The Road Map

Everything Is Coming Together

Connecting Everything – It Almost Works

Powering The Arduino

Appealing To Reddit For Help

Working Out The Code

Laser Cut Panel Arrives!

Looking Good!

Time To Cut The Frame

Cutting The Laser Panel To Size


So Much Sanding!

Frame Mostly Complete

Making Holes For Time Setting Buttons

Frame Assembly

It Fits!

Frame Complete!

Guts Go In

Coloured Lights For Birthday Greeting Are Installed

A Mess Of Wires

Ready To Be Attached

Hole Drilled For Power Supply

Fixing The Code Again

Finally Completed!