When his 3-year-old daughter began to outgrow her crib, her dad, blogger DIYDad decided to build her a unique VW Bus Bed. He outlines his process below. The best part, it cost him less than $100.00!

Spare Parts
The DIYDad picked up some spare VW parts from Craigslist for free.

Bunk Bed Frame
Instead of building the entire bed from scratch, he decided to modify an existing bunk bed, building panels that hang off the bed frame and can be removed.

Making Posts
4×4 posts were dremeled out to make the bed frame taller.

2×4 Frame To Hold The Posts In Place

Framing For The Bus Shape
2×3 framing was used that would be eventually bolted into the bottom frame, and secured to top metal frame using u-bolts.

Bumper Box
The base of the “bumper box” is built. It will hold the electronics and steering wheel. It hooks to the front.

Taking Shape
The front of the bumper box is built and faced with a piece of thin plywood. The side is also framed with plywood.

The Doors
Doors were installed on one side using simple hinges.

Windows Are Cut

The Wheels
The wheels were pre-cut and purchased at a box store. The hubcaps purchased from Craigslist were then installed on top.

Sand, Sand, Sand
The wheels were then removed to sand the bus bed to get it ready for painting.

The top rack was painted silver, and the bus was given its trademark two-tone paint job.

Exterior Complete

Inside the Dashboard
The inside dashboard is mounted on a piano hinge. Complete with steering wheel and speedometer.

Headlights Fitted

The Dashboard Gets A Stain

A kid-size hammock was installed inside the bus bed.

VW Emblem Installed

Complete and Working Dashboard

Authentic Side Pocket for Storage

The Birthday Gift Revealed!

Completed Interior
The fabric squares were attached using spray adhesive by DIYDad’s wife.

Ready for Sleeping!