Mariana Harrison is a real estate agent from Texas. Of course, being a real estate agent, Harrison knows the ins and outs of the house and received a great piece of advice from her dad about home security that she applies all the time now. Now she shares it with everyone.

One day, Harrison’s dad came to visit her at her first apartment and asked to take a look at her lock on her front door. As soon as he saw it, he concluded that these wouldn’t stop a determined intruder at all.

The screws installed regularly are only half an inch long, and are easily switched out with four inch long screws to give intruders a hard time kicking through.

Here is the story Mariana shared on her Facebook page:


My dad gave me this advice a long time ago when I moved into my first apartment. He even came out and changed the screws…

Posted by Mariana Harrison -Realtor, Keller Williams Realty on Saturday, January 23, 2016