Ahh Robots. We know them, we love them; if you believe all the movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger in them – we’re told to fear them. Yet putting aside the cynical predictions about a robot apocalypse – ropocalypse? – we see in this clip some good work by the folks in Korea, getting busy with creating a robot that would leave Rosie from the Jetson’s spinning in her wake (tough but fair Rosie, you need a firmware upgrade).

Hopping out of cars , setting off fire hydrants and picking up power tools he really has no business using; you’d be hard pressed to deal the difference between Hubo the robot and that one kid in your neighbourhood who was always up to top-level mischief. While it’s indeed natural to feel a little bit of bemusement as you watch this clip; the more you do the more you’ll find a considerable interest and engagement as well. All the moving parts, all the precision and nuance each movement requires will ultimately leave one impressed whether you’re a Flintstone or a Jetson! This is all the more so because today’s models comes with them the promise of being tomorrow’s lifesavers; whether in hospitals, firefighting or other areas of emergency response and public service. A great vid to watch about a quirky robot and mankind’s tech advancement.