Imgur user Wetfifty and his wife decided to make a stunning piece of wall art for a close friend. Daina was the witness at the wedding of Wetfifty and his wife. They decided to take one of their favourite photos of her and create this one of a kind piece.

via wetfifty

The Starting Image
Taken from their wedding and slightly cropped.

The Negative Copy

Mapping The Dots
The image was uploaded to, a site that assists with tile printing, set to 4 sheets with an interlaced half-tone circle grid, black dots on white paper. The dots range from 0mm to 6mm.

The Surface
The surface was made of out standard 4’x8’ MDF cut down to 37”x36”.

Measuring It Out
Rows were placed every 5mm and columns were placed every 10mm.

Rows Being Drawn

Rows And Columns Complete
Extra Lines Removed

Just over 8000 dots measured and notated in the lower right corner near each dot to then be copied on to the MDF.

Transcribing The Dots

Dot Close Up

Drilling Begins
The standard drill bit had to be converted into metric, the measuring system Wetfifty was working in. He then labelled the drill bits in size from 1.5mm to 6mm.

Drilling Continues
To cut down on time, Wetfifty wore old work gloves and used them to apply friction to the drill chuck. This allowed him to stop the drill faster and move onto the next hole. It cut the drilling time by 1/3.

All Dots Drilled!

A Bombay mahogany stain was chosen for the MDF board. Wetfifty applied Miniwax pre-stain and then the Miniwax stain.

The Backing
While the stain was drying, Wetfifty made the backing by glueing 2”x1” boards around the edge, then clamping them. Once that glue had dried, he sprayed them with 3M spray glue and rolled foam fabric onto them. This ensures a seamless fit against the wall, making sure no light bleeds out the sides.

LEDs Installed
Wetfifty purchased an LED strip from Amazon. He used 3M spray once again to attach the converter box / transceiver.