Imgur user lavalumpme owns his own appliance store. When it came time to clear out the showroom models to make way for their updated cousins, he had an idea to turn a showroom display front load washer model into a fantastic, glowing aquarium.

Finished Product!


Dismantle The Mashine And CLEAN
This part is imperative. Detergents and fabric softeners can cause harm to the fish. Be sure to completely clean this interior, included the washer pump and hoses.

Strip It Down
Remove all wiring, boards, and hardware.

Lighting Installation
Water proof LEDs were installed between the inner and outer tubs. They were secured using 100% silicone. Any silicone with anti-bacterial additives will kill your fish.

After the lighting was installed, the inner and outer tubs were put back together.

Prepping The Front Door

Installing The Front Door

A View From The Rear

A View From Above