The newest craze in homebuilding is ‘The Tiny House’. But is this just a fad? Tiny living is an idea with its origins in the 1970s, that didn’t reach full popularity until 2007 when the recession forced many people to reevaluate their living and financial situations. Subsequently, the tiny house movement was born. The goal of tiny living is to live simply and responsibly, both financially and ecologically. It is not just a house, but a lifestyle.

Chris Heininge is a tiny home builder who, along with his mother Elizabeth who designs the homes, constructs Japanese-inspired tiny homes for sale. Chris has been a contractor since 1995, when he returned from Asia after performing ministry work throughout the continent. While overseas, Chris was influenced by Japanese concepts relating to tiny living.

This tiny home costs $70,000 USD and is 280 square feet and 15 feet high. It has many luxuries that most tiny homes are lacking, such as a full size jacuzzi bathtub and shower, a fireplace, and a loft bedroom you can stand up in! Thinking of purchasing a new home? This may be the alternative for you.

Living Room


Stairway to Loft

A Sleeping Loft You Can Stand Up In


Full-size Jacuzzi Bath-tub and Shower