Imgur user TylerThomspon21 retrofitted a Toyota Tacoma truck to create the ultimate adventure truck. Complete, with a bed, sound system, lighting and storage, this truck is sure to make any road trip a breeze. After careful planning and a month of building, the project was completed.

The Frame

Close-Up Of The Frame
T-nuts were used to bold the bearings in place.

Drawer Slides
Old skateboard bearings were used because of their ability to handle a lot of weight.

Drawer Close-Up
1″x1″ square tubing was used for the drawer slide.

Drawer With Top Sheet Installed

Drawer With Dividers And Lockable Handle

Right Forward Hatch
This is where the second battery will reside.

Back Left Hatch
Perfect for sleeping bags or a tent.

Custom Cuts To The Top Sheet
These had to be made to accommodate the wheel wells.

Tuck Box Lock From The Back

The Latch From Behind
This whole project required a lot of custom cuts.

“Lock” Underneath The Table
This was to secure the back so it cannot be removed when the drawer is closed.

The Frame After Being Water Sealed

Second Coat of Varnish

The Battery In Place

Power Inverter And USB Ports Hooked Up To The Second Battery

LED Light Bars
Two LED light bars were installed on the inside of the canopy door, as well as a handle to close the door from the inside.

Speakers Wired In the Back (Before Being Mounted)

Soldering The Switch To Control The Back Speakers

Switch Mounted Into The Dashboard

Drawer Pulled Out And Table In Place

Finished Product!