ThreadStax: Search, Fold, and Stack Clothes with Ease

Have you ever tried getting a t-shirt from a pile and accidentally mess up the rest?

Maybe you have piles of unfolded t-shirts laying around but never know how to properly organize them?

Well then, ThreadStax has the solution for you!

ThreadStax is an organizing system that magnetically stores your clothes making it easy to find the right outfit day after day without disturbing the rest of the stack.

A magnetic strip is to be fastened to the wall and each shirt will have their own divider that will clip onto it.

To use the ThreadStax, simply fold your t-shirt as you normally would and place the folded one onto one of the plastic dividers.

Then, clip on each divider to the magnetic strip running along the wall and secure the stack of shirts.

When a shirt is needed, pick out the shirt you would like and pull it out from the pile.

With the ThreadStax, there will no longer be any unfolding since each shirt is on their own divider.

Each divider is made from high-quality antimicrobial materials with ventilation holes that recycle the air around.

They feature a front tab on the front of the divider that prevents compression of thin and delicate garments.

Clothes are prevented from slipping from the non-slip surface and each divider comes fitted with neodymium magnets.

Search, fold, and stack with ease with the ThreadStax and never be unorganized again!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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ThreadStax Clothes Organizer
Packs of 8

$18 – $25+