Thumbelina is the world record holder for being the smallest horse in the world. She’s not even 2 feet tall and only weighs 57 pounds.
She was born to two miniature ponies, but she’s even small by pony standards. Born with dwarfism, horses in her position are often sick and have crooked legs. By some miracle, she’s healthy and happy.
Currently, she lives with her human parents at Goose Creek Farms in Missouri.

They quickly realized she had a calling in life that only she understood. She was meant to help children.

Thumbelina often insists on trotting over to the local sick kids hospital to visit with them to bring cheer.

Her owners have since bought ThumbyMobile, a carrier for her to travel to the hospitals in and have set up a charity in her name.
“With all of her imperfections, Thumbelina is a perfect miracle to those children.” her owner says.