We all love receiving some good wishes when things aren’t going so great in our life. You know one of those days when things just keep going wrong, a week where you’ve missed the morning bus 3 times in a row, and then there are those days when you get admitted to hospital. This is absolutely no fun at all. Especially for someone who is very young and otherwise intent on being out and about exploring the big world. Anything outside that solitary hospital window that entertains and engages can be all important.

This is why this clip is so sweet. For a two year old toddler named Vivian the construction workers going about their daily duties just opposite the hospital became all important to her. Everyday she would wave like so many young kids in the hospital would do, and ultimately word caught on with the good guys in shorts and hardhats that they really need to show they are seeing their friends in hospital saying hi. But it’s what they did for Vivian that is especially sweet.