TOTO Washlet: Luxurious Heated Toilet Seats with Water Spray, Dryer and More!

People spend thousands of dollars for a house that has a luxurious look and lifestyle. Why shouldn’t your bathroom have the same look and style?

These TOTO Washlet toilet seats do just that with their new, smart technology.

One of the reasons these toilets are so cool is the amazing features. For example, the toilets come with a heated seat for those cold nights in your home.

It has an auto close/open feature so it knows exactly when you step in, and when you need to use the bathroom. It will be ready and waiting for you.

The bowl cleans itself before you go with its premist feature. Once you’re finished, the bowl will dry itself with its dryer function as well.

It even has a self-cleaning wand that sprays out warm water for you to clean yourself up afterwards.

Finally, the toilets rinses the bowl clean with ewater+. All these features are controlled by the user using the washlet controller.

The Washlets available come with different features depending on what you want and need, check the table below to figure out which Washlet is best for you:

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!

Where To Buy

TOTO Washlet Toilet Seats

$299.40 – $936