Tourist Offers Homeless Man Pizza, Then Finds Out Later He’s Actually Celebrity Richard Gere

Most people at one point in time, have experienced financial struggles. And sometimes, those financial struggles can unfortunately push people to points where they are homeless and need help.

While some individuals do help out these homeless people, most of us treat them as if they are invisible. Whether it be avoiding them or just not even seeing them, it’s sad to see that the homeless are treated this way.

However, once in a while, when someone acknowledges them, it means the absolute world to them.

Take French tourist, Karine Gombeau for example. While she was travelling in New York with her family, she noticed a homeless man searching through a trash can for clothes and food to eat.

Karine just came out of a pizza shop and had some leftover pizza left. She decided to go up to the man and offer it to him, saying, “‘Je suis désolée (I am sorry), but the pizza is cold.'”

The man accepted the offering saying, “Thank you so much. God bless you.”

And she thought that was it. They would be on their separate ways, but little did she know, that the ‘homeless’ man she gave pizza to, was not actually homeless at all.

In fact, after seeing her photo on the newspaper, Karen learned that the ‘homeless’ man was actually celebrity movie star Richard Gere filming for his new film “Time Out of Mind”.

Gere was acting as a regular homeless man on the street and had been ignored all day except for when Karine came up to him.

“She was a complete stranger who just happened to see him acting, It’s a sweet story.” Gere’s publicists said.

It’s amazing to see people like Karen remain to be gracious and kind human beings even when most of us would slip on by through the day without even noticing these homeless people.

Watch more about her story in the video below:



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