Tranquilo Mat: Soothe Your Baby by Imitating the Mother’s Womb

When having a newborn baby, it can be pretty stressful trying to handle them when they cry.

It turns out, when babies are transitioning from a mother’s womb to the outside world, they miss the strong “whoosh” of the mother’s heartbeat and moves.

That’s why the Tranquilo Mat was invented.

The Tranquilo Mat is a portable vibrating mat that soothes baby in the crib, stroller, or on the go! It mimics the heartbeats and motions of the mother through gentle vibrations and soft sounds.

To use the Tranquilo Mat, just place the mat wherever you’d like it. This can be on a crib or even in a little carrying backpack.

Press on the power button to turn it on and the button next to it to alternate the modes (Low, Medium, High).

The Tranquilo Mat is powered by your standard AA batteries.

If you need to clean your Tranquilo Mat, the cover is removable and washable to make it easy to clean.

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!

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