We’ve seen all kinds of practical and impractical pet accessories for sale in places such as Walmart, PetSmart, and even Target. Sometimes, while interesting, they can be rather expensive. Today, imgur user sliphur has brought to our attention a homemade and truly impressive cat tree that is sure to please your kitties.

Sliphur was kind enough to take lots of photos showing the process, as well as providing us with descriptions of what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. You don’t need to follow these steps one hundred percent, but it will certainly give you more than enough inspiration!

Getting Started
He takes a “donor tree” from his front yard and starts selecting which branches to keep for his creation.
16 - ejrVMPv

Making The Base
Once he has the basic shape, he cuts out a good-sized base for the cat tree to keep it balanced.
17 - yiU8DC4

Double Down
He doubles up the base for additional weight and security, using a mix of glue and screws.
18 - DEQM31I

Standing Proud
It looks like his base is well-balanced.
19 - Twyi8Xp

Laser Leveling
He uses a laser level to get the cuts as flat as possible to attach the shelves. Don’t forget to level the base first!
20 - Jf05nx6

Cutting Away
Next, he uses pen and cardboard to create the shelf templates for the cat tree.
23 - Cutting out shelf templates

Cardboard Craftsmanship
He plays around with different cuts and shapes before finding the right template.
24 - Cardboard templates

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention
Lacking an edge sander, he repurposes a belt sander to help with his wood cuts!
26 - Belt sander thinks it039s an edge sander

Can We Get A Close-Up?
Looks like it does the job nicely!
27 - 0SDJGvw

This Is Not A Drill
For the more intricate edges, he converts a drill press into a spindle sander.
29 - Budget spindle sander on the drill press

The Details Matter
He touches up shelves using a chamfer. Sometimes in life, the little things matter.
30 - 3fwdpj1

Making Progress
The shelves are nearly done!
32 - vmrly5k

Final Preparations
He countersinks some lag bolts to attach the shelves to the top of each branch.
33 - 8sbgYO6

34 - oBBIOxn

35 - PB1vWDf

Need Some Support?
He needs additional support in a couple places for the lower shelves. A 1/2″ thick branch from his backyard cherry tree does the job nicely.
37 - XGLXFUe

Presentation Matters
To make the base look nicer, he steam-bends a strip of oak wood and secures it with some glue and finishing nails.
44 - F0mr8vu

Carpet Time
He takes some inexpensive carpet from a carpet remnant shop, and traces the shape of the tree base to create a template.
45 - Carpet time

Almost Finished
He uses carpet tape to attach the carpet to the top of each shelf.
48 - Carpet tape to attach the carpet to the top of each shelf

Lots And Lots Of Rope
He claims to have used 300 feet of rope for this creation!
52 - flFb2D8

All Done!
Finished! Let’s see if the kitties enjoy their new tree…
53 - 300 feet of rope later - all done

The Finished Project
It looks amazing, but do the cats like it?
01 - A cat tree built with a donor tree from my front yard

05 - jAzWw89

08 - SaVnB4f

09 - JCj5Jf4

It certainly seems that the cats love the latest addition to their home!
02 - oo5GAnR

06 - uJ4QfBQ

07 - Vu6RjhU

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out his full tutorial!