Trusted Housesitters Lets You Travel the World If You Agree to Look After Other People’s Pets

Imagine yourself relaxing on a beach in Italy, or sipping coffee at a cafe in Paris—now imagine doing that with the cutest dog or cat.

That’s what you can do with the website Trusted Housesitters—and only for about $100 per year.

The concept goes like this: Trusted Housesitters connects pet parents who want to travel the world to trustworthy, reliable people who want to travel the world and look after adorable fur babies at the same time.

The company vets each person who signs up to take care of the pets—no worrying about if you’ve let a serial killer into your house.

To stay at the most luxurious homes, you’ll need a good reputation. But if you’re willing to petsit for people locally, have someone write a character reference, and submit your official identification documents online, you’ll be well on your way to the vacation of your dreams!

To find out more information, check out Trusted Housesitters’ website here.

Watch some testimonials in the video down below!


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