Tubble Inflatable Bath: Instantly Add a Tub to Your Bathroom

Do you wish you could have a tub in your bathroom? The Tubble Inflatable Bath is perfect for you! It’s designed to give you an easy-to-use and affordable bathtub for your home.


It’s made of durable, thick PVC that can withstand almost anything, and the strong zipper will keep it secure. In just one minute, you can have a full-sized bathtub in your home with no dirty installation!


It’s softer than a regular bathtub, giving you a more comfortable and relaxing experience. It can fit in virtually any sized bathroom, and you can zip the bath up to retain the warmth—you can have a spa right at home!


You can fit one to two people, and it can store easily when not in use. When you’re done your bath, the water drains easily and evenly into the shower drain. Plus, the tub comes with a cupholder for your drinks!


If you want a high-quality and affordable bath for your home, this is a great option!


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Tubble Royale Inflatable Bath