Twicycle: Get All the Benefits of Cycling While Working Out Your Upper Body

Do you love cycling but want to get a full body workout? The Twicycle is perfect for you! It’s designed to work out your upper body while you ride a bicycle.


Riding on your bicycle is one of the best ways to get exercise—it gives you a great lower body workout, however your upper body doesn’t reap those benefits. The Twicycle is here to change all of that!


It’s engineered to work out your entire body, letting you cycle with your legs, arms, or both! With this gadget, you can combine pushups, rowing, and cycling with one ultimate workout machine—feel the burn all over your body.


Work out your biceps, lats, chest, back, and shoulders while strengthening your core muscles. You can have easier uphill climbs, and you can go on longer rides because your arms can take over when your legs need a break!


This gadget combines two machines in one!


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Watch the demo down below!


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