Dogs are amazing at just knowing when to lend a hand and this story is particularly special.
Sammie is a boxer puppy who was found in NYC. He had been shot in the head, spraypainted blue and dragged behind a car. When the rescuers found him it was almost too late.

Yet, they didn’t give up on him, performing multiple surgeries to help put him back together. When they transferred him to South Carolina for more surgery, a little dog at the shelter there saw his pain and stepped in.


Simon walked right over and put his paw on Sammie’s trembling arm. The two became inseparable, with Simon going to Sammie’s crate to comfort him daily.

The two pups have each found forever homes and are well on the mend! Sammie will continue to receive surgery to correct his legs, but he’s looking strong and happy in this photo!


You can follow Sammie’s adventures on his Facebook page.