Two Teens Find Old Nasa Spaceflight Outfits in Thrift Shop

It has always been a pirate’s dream to discover buried treasure and live in a life of fortune. For these two teens, they came across it by accident.

On a recent shopping trip to the thrift store, two teens discovered something hidden deep in the bottom of the bin. At just 20 cents for a piece, they really struck it rich finding old NASA spaceflight outfits.

They were stunned at first but considered the authenticity as it’s from the local thrift shop. One of the suits even had the name ‘Nelson’ sewn into the label-as in NASA astronaut George D. “Pinky” Nelson.

Just to make sure, the teens decided to get the outfits examined by a NASA expert who deemed they were authentic.

Who knows what you can find these days? Check out the video below!


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