Nearly everybody who looks upon a soldier in uniform well understands that so much goes into it.
The presentation, the tradition, the honor that comes with wearing the uniform of your country is something so many do with pride and proud sentiment. Often as well, with the finest duties of the vocation going unseen beyond the barracks and the parade square. All that and more is present in this video, but we also get to see servicemen have a bit of good (if serious) fun while they showcase their talent and skill.

Behold the US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard displaying immense precision and skill while undertaking the honor guard drill on stage in Norway. They offer a vivid window into just how much commitment and training is required not only for the rigors of duty beyond the ceremonial occasions, but merely just for the right to don a uniform in the first place. It is an outstanding display of dedication, as well as a stellar example of synchronization and teamwork.