USB93: Unbreakable USB Cable Can Rotate Up to 90°

Do you ever feel like your USB chargers are breaking too often? Regular chargers tend to tear apart after lots of use or just snap off when shoved in tight spaces or in a corner.

That’s why the USB93 was invented – it’s an unbreakable USB charger that can rotate up to 90 degrees for tight spaces.

usb cable 1

The USB93 has 3 positions it can move and lock in place to: 1) the L-position, 2) the straight position, and finally 3) the down position. There are 2 elegant sockets to keep the cable in place when locked in positions.

usb cable 2

If you prefer to have free movement with the cable, it can be adjusted for you to freely rotate.

It’s made out of premium nylon to prevent fraying from happening with your cable. It also helps to keep your cable tangle-free when you’re constantly on-the-go.

usb cable 3

It’s perfect for people who use portable power banks, when you’re in the car navigating, or when you just want to have your phone charging in your purse / small bag!

usb cable 4

USB93 is available in 5 different colors: gold, black, red, pink, and grey.

Perfect for matching anyone’s style!

usb cable 5

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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