Now that we’re changing seasons, it’s the perfect time for cold and flu viruses to invade our immune systems.
But buying medicine can get expensive, and some of the chemicals aren’t the best for your body.
However, a natural ingredient called propolis—a resinous mixture created by honey bees. It’s made by mixing saliva, beeswax, and exudate from botanical sources.
While bees use this to clean hives and honeycombs, humans can also use it for natural remedies.

Here are just a few ways humans can use propolis extract for their healthcare:
Tonsilitis: Use a 1:10 ratio—one part propolis, 10 parts sodium—then gargle the mixture. You can also use this for other dental diseases.
Gastric diseases: Dissolve 15-20 drops into water and drink roughly 30 minutes before eating for best results.
Wounds: Apply the propolis directly on the wound or infection and rub it in like an ointment.
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Watch a video of fresh, raw propolis down below!