The Blacklight. The domain of scientists, art collectors and that one nerdy kid you knew in high school who was always looking to show people how much bacteria was on their notebook; ‘sure sure we all unclean, we get it James!’ Yet, it is undoubted having a blacklight on-hand is a useful tool in many a scenario. Here now in this video, we learn how to make a do it yourself (DIY) blacklight using nothing more than a standard smartphone (with a camera), two sharpie pens; and some scotch tape. Phone, pens (blue and purple) and scotch tape. We could’ve landed on the moon with little more.

This is the sort of video you watch, remember all that’s contained within – and then become an absolute hero at your next office Christmas party going all CSI on the guys from human resources when they say they didn’t apply any fake tan. You know better, your blacklight can prove it (though seriously don’t hassle human resources as you’ll need a new office chair at some point).

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