Imgur user torchic4dinner and his roommates decided their apartment was lacking in light-up furniture. After $500.00, and 100 hours of planning and work, they built this stunning infinity table. The lights are controlled by a tablet, and are programmable. Torchic4dinner adds that next he will try to sync up the lights with music. The process he followed for building his table is outlined below.

The mirror was purchased at a local shop. The holes in the boards of wood will later house the LEDs.

Stain Chosen

Laying It Out
Clamps were used to hold the two longer boards in place while the end boards were measured. Care was taken to be certain the beveled edge of the mirror was not exposed.

End Boards Secured
Boards were then added to frame the outside, creating a compartment for the cables.

Massive Holes Were Drilled

Outer Boards Attached
A corner block was also added on the bottom to support the leg flanges.

Power Strip Added

This is the homemade outlet that will be plugged into the power strip.

More Outlets Added For Convenience

Building Of The Top Is Outlined

Putting It Together
Biscuits and wood glue were used for a seamless connection.

Everything Was Left To Dry Overnight

Top Shell
This is an outer casing that sits over the section that houses the lights.

The Frame

Playing With The Raspberry Pi

Testing The Lights

Threading The Lights Through The Table

It Works!

The Completed Infinity Table In The Dark
A two-way mirror was placed on top.

With The Lights On