Vacu Vin Snap Thermometer: Instantly Check Temperature of Wine

The Vacu Vin Snap Thermometer is a quick and instant way to check your wine or champagne’s temperature. No more opening the bottle and taste testing to see if it’s too cold or too warm. Simply ‘snap’ the flexible band around the outside of any bottle and monitor the temperature displayed. It’s perfect for serving guests the proper temperature of a fine drink.

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The back of the snap thermometer includes a reference chart that lets you know the perfect temperature for a variety of wines and champagnes. It’s great for when you’re trying a new drink and don’t know what temperature to drink it at.

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For those who are more familiar reading temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit, the Vacu Vin snap thermometer gives you the option of both.

The thermometer is made of silicone, allowing it to be flexible and snap to adjust to any size bottle. No more guessing, let the Vacu Vin snap thermometer do all the work for you!

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The Vacu Vin snap thermometer measures 9.25″ x 1.10″ x 0.16″ and weighs a measly 0.11lbs. It’s available in two colors: Purple and Gray.

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Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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