A dog named Gracie may have one big belly, but this vet has an even bigger heart. It’s a sad reality that animals are euthanized, but Gracie was spared that fate when Vet Ranch rescued her and helped her deliver her dozen little doggies. This video beautifully shows the great dedication and love so many vets show in their day-by-day when it comes to attending to a large number of animals.

To be sure, treating a sore leg on a cat or a bird with a flu is nothing to sneeze at, but this video gives us a different perspective and insight. It’s rare to have folks see just how deep and involved a vet’s career may require them to be; tending to the care and restoration to health of not just one pet in the family, but to an entire family of puppies (mom Gracie included) and doing so in a long term and ongoing capacity. If you want a great timeline of the early lives of these adorable little puppies, give this vid a watch.

If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit http://www.vetranchrescue.org to learn more.