Here’s one to gear up for, the story of Hunter; in summary. This video is one of those great clips that shows so well the solid work folks do; not just with an animal-rescue – but what goes on it as it occurs. It begins with Hunter so small he can be held in your hand, then sees him grow to a size where he can seize the ball you throw from that same hand.
Born with an underdeveloped right leg – which Hunter’s mother so devotedly sought to tend too and keep clean daily – the vet’s ultimately made the call to separate Hunter from his siblings so as to ensure he’d have a fair chance at a good start in life (and not miss out on food or get seriously hurt while roughhousing with the other young pups).
Yet, overtime we see not only his growth but also his healing occur along the way. To give away the entire clip would be criminal, but it can be confirmed; it indeed has a happy ending. Here now a clip to watch when you want to see the process of a pooch had a slow start making quick work of catching up.