Victorio Time for Treats Ice Shaver: Make Frozen Treats Quickly and Easily

If you love frozen treats in hot summer days, the Victorio Time for Treats Electric Ice Shaver is perfect for you! It’s designed to shave ice for delicious treats every time.


You don’t need to use a mold or special ice cubes—just use the ice cubes you already have in your freezer! Simply fill the hopper with your ice of choice, push the button down firmly, add your syrup, and you’re done.


You can use the ice for virtually anything, from iced alcoholic drinks to snow cones! You can also make an ice bed for your shrimp cocktail—make your food presentation perfect for your next big celebration.


Create flavored ice cubes from natural juices and shave the ice for healthier snow cones! If you want to serve more health-conscious treats at your child’s birthday party, look no further than this ice machine.


If you’re addicted to snow cones, you need this gadget!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Victorio Time for Treats Electric Ice Shaver