Georgia Teacher Allows Pets In Class to Avoid Hurricane Irma

All of us humans have something we absolutely can’t live without, and for one college student, it was her four legged companion. For college student Jessica Lewis of Virginia beach, it meant taking her dog to class to avoid the storm.

As evacuation from hurricane Irma started, people from all over Georgia started fleeing but Jessica had one final class to attend and decided to ask the professor if Luna, her dog, can attend class as well.

Anxiety grew as she waited a response but he finally wrote:

Jessica Lewis/Facebook

As it turns out, her professor is a huge dog lover and didn’t mind having Luna in class. The rest of the class was also delighted of her presence.

Jessica Lewis/Facebook

“She was pretty well-behaved in class,” Lewis told The Dodo. “She went straight to whoever was talking for the most part, like if someone was answering or asking a question. Just walked around and got pets from everyone and made friends. The really funny part was that every time the professor stopped and asked if anyone had questions or comments, she whined loudly like she was responding. It was hilarious.”

Jessica Lewis/Facebook

As for the two of them, they were able to evacuate the town in a timely manner and have a safe journey back home.

via The Dodo


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