Vive Reacher Grabber: Mobility Grip Hand Aid for Seniors

If you’re short, you can understand the struggle of having to reach for far or high up objects. This becomes even more frustrating when you’re a senior and have lower mobility when moving around the house and grabbing things.

That’s why this nifty tool was invented: the Vive Reacher Grabber.

The grabber acts as a mobility hand aid that helps seniors reach for far or high up objects. It gives them 32 inches of extended reach with a suction cup grip or rotating top.

Vive Reacher Grabber 1

Vive Reacher Grabber 2

The suction cup Vive Reacher Grabber lets seniors grab and handle fragile objects with care. This becomes extra useful when you have to switch out a lightbulb or grab things like an iPad or your smartphone.

Vive Reacher Grabber 3

The rotating Vive Reacher Grabber has a rotating top that allows you to grab objects any angle with precision and control. This is great for smaller objects like coins.

Vive Reacher Grabber 4

Both grabbers are made with durable aluminum and are rust-proof ensuring a long-lasting product. To use the grabbers, the senior simply has to press on the ergonomic handle to secure the ‘claws’ together.

Vive Reacher Grabber 5

Perfect for seniors with low mobility or someone in your home that’s too short, the grabber can be a trusty companion for you to grab and reach far or high objects.

Vive Reacher Grabber 6

Available Here.

Watch the demo down below!


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