The national anthem is special to every American, and it’s a great reminder of our great country whenever you hear it. The anthem is also a key part of any sports game. Before the action gets underway, we all pay respect to the heroes who died for our freedom.
However, with this high school volleyball game, that almost didn’t happen. The CD normally used to play the anthem wasn’t working, and no one knew what to do—except for one quick-thinking player.
Marina Garcia ran to the microphone and belted out “The Star-Spangled Banner” for everyone to hear. She said she wasn’t nervous during her impromptu singing, and she was just happy to help.
“Some of them had told me that they had the chills and just that feeling that I can give to people that emotion, that was so exciting,” Garcia said.

Thankfully someone recorded her amazing performance for everyone to appreciate!

Check out the full video down below!