Walabot DIY: The Sensor That Sees Through Your Walls

Do you love doing home renovations but find it tricky to see what’s behind your walls? The Walabot DIY is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you “see” whatever’s hiding behind the walls in your home.

It can see up to 4″ behind cement or drywall, and it uses multiple modes to show the user what’s lurking behind their walls: pan mode, image mode, and expert mode.

It can detect metal objects, wood studs, wires, and pipes. It can even detect moving objects, like rodents, termites, and nests—no more DIY disasters! It’s more than just a stud finder—it has a unique sensor and imaging technology that lets you see behind your walls.

Through the corresponding app, the Walabot updates with new features, keeping your technology up to date. You can create a map of large areas from your wall, identify and label different objects, and measure the difference between objects! It’s a small device, but an incredibly powerful tool for anyone.

Available Here.

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