No, that is not a typo. While the weird and surreal commercials for 5 Gum are always showing weird scenarios before telling us that’s how it feels to chew that particular flavor of 5 Gum. Well, one enterprising teenage girl decided she wanted to know how it feels to wear 5 Gum, or at least how the wrappers feel.

While we were faced with a pinch of disappointment upon seeing that not the entire dress was made out of gum wrappers, it’s still quite impressive to see what young Lizzy accomplished just in time for Prom. The upper half of her dress was carefully made by flattening all the delicate wrappers, cutting off their ends, and then attaching them together using quilting and interfacing techniques.

According to Lizzy, the actual dress-making didn’t take all that long. Lizzy also found time to make a beautiful and exquisitely made checkered pattern vest for her boyfriend and prom date, Jordan. We can only hope that her grades didn’t slip all that much in between all that hard work.

The most time consuming part of this project aside from flattening and cutting the wrappers was the sheer amount of gum she and those in her life needed to consume. She always made sure to keep the wrappers to ensure she would have enough for prom, even though it was a few years away.

In order to preserve the delicate dress, it was coated in a vinyl finish to prevent it from falling apart. While it was a daunting task, the reward is very much worth the effort. Lizzy can now boast that she made her own beautiful and creative dress, had it match with her boyfriend, and got to chew lots of delicious gum in the process. We can only hope that they both enjoyed their prom as much as the internet has enjoyed their attire.