While visiting his girlfriend’s family in Edmonton, Alberta, Daniel Gray was set a difficult task by his girlfriend’s mother, Brigid Burton . In order to keep Daniel from “twiddling his thumbs” during his whole stay in Canada, Brigid asked him to build an igloo. Brigid had been collecting cartons for months, filling them with water and food colouring, and freezing them. Then Daniel and his girlfriend Kathleen Starrie set about building the coolest igloo you’ve ever seen.

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Creating An Area For The Igloo

The First Layer Of Ice Blocks

Building Up The Spiral
Daniel used what he termed “snowcrete”. A mixture of snow and water used as a cement to hold the blocks together.

More Wall Building

Even More Wall Building

Some Frozen Bricks

Frozen Cartons
These are all the cartons that Brigid had been collecting in anticipation of Daniel’s visit. Here they are unthawing them so they can be refilled and frozen again.

More Frozen Cartons

The Walls Continue To Be Built

Almost Time For The Roof

The Building Continues

From The Inside

The Roof Inside

Light Up Inside

From Behind

All Done!
Kathleen and Daniel pose with their completed project.

Crawling In

Hanging Out In The Igloo