Wi-Charge: Charge Your Electronic Devices Wirelessly Anywhere in Your Room

The Wi-Charge is like the Wi-Fi for charging your electronic devices. It gets rid of the power cord and enables long range wireless power for a wide range of products including: smartphones, tablets, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and more.

It delivers the remote wireless charging like a Wi-Fi router from a device you attach at the top of a room.

It works using two units: the transmitter unit and the receiver unit. The transmitter unit is the device you attach on the ceiling. It attaches to a power source (standard AC, DC or USB) to deliver power to receivers.

The receiver unit is a unit you attach to your electronic device that captures the light from the transmitting unit and converts it into electrical power.

With Wi-Charge technology, you can charge multiple devices in a room simultaneously without the hassle of power cords or wires.

It’s revolutionary technology that will change the need of frequently recharging our electronic devices.

To learn more about Wi-Charge and its products, as well as, applying for beta to the technology, check out the company’s website here.

Watch the demo in the video below:


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