WIG AirFish 8: Airplane/Boat Glides Over Water to Reach Your Destination

The AirFish 8 from Wigetworks is a hybrid between a marine/aircraft that transports up to 8 people across water by gliding over it effortlessly. By gliding, the AirFish 8 gets you to your destination 3x faster than any typical marine craft.

air fish 1

It’s powered by a compact V8 car engine and uses technology called Wing-In-Ground (WIG) to power the craft. The idea is that the craft uses extra air pressure close to the water producing additional lift.

air fish 2

The applications for the AirFish 8 are limitless. It can be used for tourism, transport or even marine patrol whenever needed. While it’s designed to transport up to 8 people, the craft actually holds 10 (including the 2-man crew).

airfish 3

Its cruise speed is up to 90 knots and the range is up to 250 nautical miles. The fuel consumption of the craft is lower than a conventional high-speed marine craft – making it more fuel efficient as well.

airfish 4

With less training required due to the operation of the AirFish 8 being much more simpler than a complex aircraft, the AirFish 8 makes marine transport simpler, more convenient and more fast.

airfish 5

For more information about the AirFish 8 and Widgetworks, check out the company website here.

Watch the demo below!