With Modpools, You Can Turn a Regular Shipping Container into a Relocatable Swimming Pool

With summer on the way, more than a few of us are ready to open up our pools and lay in the sun. But owning a pool is a lot of work to set up and maintain—and you can’t even take it with you if you move.

The Modpools relocatable swimming pool combines the structural design of a modified shipping container with a pool to create a removable hot pool with the look of an in-ground pool!

Each pool is effortlessly temperature controlled right from your smartphone! You can also control the lighting and jets from your phone, no matter where you are.

The pool’s heater efficiently increases the water temperature at 86 degrees per hour in 14 degree weather, letting you enjoy your pool all year round!

Unlike regular pools which can take weeks to get going, you can start using your Modpools pool in just minutes!

You can even add a divider to convert your pool to a proper hot tub and back again.

Watch the pool in action in the video down below! To get your own, check out their website


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