In August of 2010, Bethany Benson and her boyfriend were returning home from a road trip back to Oshawa. Like most long, tiring road trips, the passengers try to relax and rest during the long hours. In this particular case, Benson had her feet on the dashboard.
This decision changed the 26-year-old’s life in a heartbeat.

With no memory of the accident, Benson recounts about her story from her boyfriend’s words. As her boyfriend was driving, a semi-truck in front of the two stopped suddenly and Benson’s boyfriend could not react in time. As a result, the car collided into the back of the semi-truck.




Since Benson’s feet were on the dashboard, when the airbag deployed, it lifted her knees right to her face. According to Driving, the airbag deployed at 200 mph, and the resulting impact costed Benson broken bones to her feet, her spleen and brain were bleeding, broke her left eye socket, left cheek bone, and nose.


Image Credit: Screen Shot/ Rogers TV




Her life has been altered forever. Benson now continues to see 3 doctors a day, has to take medication for the rest of her life, and is not able to work or drive at night.



Despite this tragic event, she hopes to spread awareness to others to not make the mistake she did and continues to work towards her degree at Trent University, one day at a time.