Parking is difficult and frustrating. Sometimes the lot is just completely full and you don’t want to spend time waiting. However, that’s no excuse to take a handicap parking spot.
In this clip from National Geographic, the crew wants to conduct this experiment to teach a lesson to people who illegally park in handicap parking spots.

The driver drove around town, with four guys, who would really need this parking space.


When they found the culprit at a restaurant called Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Texas, they went to work.

The driver parked the van right behind the SUV who was parked in a handicap spot with no permit. They block her vehicle completely and slowly disembark the passengers one by one.


When the driver exits the restaurant, she realizes she has to wait for this entire process, as she is not able to leave the parking spot.

She even mentions to the crew, “I can move my car now.” To which they responded to her, “I don’t think you can.”


The vigilante act was done to teach people, like this woman, the reason why handicap parking spots exist.

Check out the experiment below!