When most people get a tattoo, they spend weeks, months, or even years planning exactly what they’ll get.
Hardly anyone simply goes to get a tattoo on a whim—and no one I know goes every week.
Suzie, a woman with Down Syndrome does just that.

Tattoo Parlor

One day, she visited Muscle and Ink, a tattoo shop in New Zealand.

She handed the owner, Jason Ward, a stack of temporary tattoos.

She wanted him to help her put them on, and he couldn’t say no.

He put all the tattoos on her and treated her the same as every other customer who went to his shop.

Jason Ward from muscle ink tattoo studio…you totally rock… Every friday this girl comes in with stick on…

Posted by Rochelle Douglas on Thursday, November 27, 2014

Suzie was so pleased with his work she now goes back every Friday for more tattoos!

Her visits are a bright spot in Jason’s work day, and he loves making her so happy!