Life moves fast. We know it, we live it. So often, we love it! Yet these days, it certainly seems that the adage of ‘few died ever wishing they spent more time at the office’ has more currency in the modern world than ever. While technology has made our lives faster and in many ways more convenient, it appears that many are still feeling an intense social pressure. In this spirit, Britain’s Sanctuary Spa produced this video that is both advice and deep lament.

They bring light to the stories of a number of British women who look back at their lives and offer some advice for the women of today, all the while wishing for another chance to do something they loved. It’s certainly true that as long as you have a breath inside you, you still have time to make life count. These women are using their time wisely to tell the women of today (and anyone feeling under intense pressure) to breathe, relax, and cherish the lovely little moments in life, because one day you may not have the chance to enjoy them again.