Wrapsit Lawn Chair Cover: The Portable Dog Crate for the Outdoors

Do you love relaxing outside with your furry best friend? The Wrapsit lawn chair cover is perfect for you! It’s designed to give your dog a breathable dog crate attached to your lawn chair.


The simple slipcover attaches to most popular folding chair models, creating a soft-sided enclosure for your pet under the seat. It covers the base of your scissor-legged chair—as soon as you unfold the chair, the crate’s ready to go!


It has a 2″ wide hook and loop tape, letting you adjust it to any chair you have. It’s made of tough nylon ripstop, ensuring it’ll hold up to any kind of weather! It’ll also hold up to any scratching from your pet.


The waterproof base protects your pets from wet grass, dirt, or bugs! It has four large PVC mesh sides for easy ventilation, and the clips give the crate added security. Your pet will be safe inside the Wrapsit.


Plus, the Wrapsit has pockets to store your essentials!


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Watch the demo down below!


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Wrapsit Lawn Chair Cover