Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder: Collapses to the Size of a Lawn Chair

Perfect for those in need of reaching those high spaces, this telescoping ladder can extend to up to 15.5 feet.

Xtend & Climb is a company behind the ladder that was invented to be telescopic enabling the ladder to be easily carried with one hand when shrunk but can extend in length up to 15 feet.

Each individual rung is able to be locked at every foot to ensure the user will be safe when using it.

The design of the ladder allows it to stand firmly on all four point of contact having built-in rubber molds that provide strength, durability and secure traction.

It collapses down to the size of a lawn chair and can be transported in any vehicle.

It offers both home and pro series ladders ranging in size from 8-1/2Feet to 15.5 Feet allowing it to be used for every application.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


Where To Buy

Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder
8-1/2 to 15.5 Feet Sizes Available

$116.67 – $227.49+